.338 LM with Lapua 300 gr Berger Hybrid OTM Tactical (SSD Custom Ammo #8B)

$ 8,02 price excluding tax (VAT)


Handloaded Custom ammunition made by the pro’s!

.338 LM with 300 gr Berger
Kalibre: .338 LM
Twist required: 1:10 or faster
Number of rounds: 1 (minimum amount of order is 50 rounds)
Accuracy: ½ MOA capable in at least 1 of the batches
Muzzlevelocity: 823 m/s in 26” barrel
Supersonic range: 1.100m
Designed for: Long Range Precision

What makes our custom ammo so special?

  • Hand-loaded by professionals
  • Weighed bullets
  • Weighed brass
  • Weighed powder load
  • Custom ammunition made for your rifle

How to

Please order your ammunition through this page, and contact us to specify which batch you prefer (A,B,C,D,E etc.). These batch names correspond to the batches in the ‘SSD Test Packages’. In other words: after shooting a ‘Test Pack’ you know which ammo your rifle prefers. After that you can order that ammo as much as you like through our website.

Note: we do our utmost to update our website, but still very rarely the prices are not fully updated due to continually changing material-costs.


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