AFC Ballistics App (ENG)

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The Advanced Fire Controller (AFC) ballistic app is designed to calculate elevation and windage clicks for your rifle.

It’s the most powerful ballistic software on the market! Much quicker, easier and more intuitive to use and it outperforms every known ballistic computer. Used by Special Forces, snipers, competition shooters, long range enthusiasts, hunters and extreme long range shooters.


  • Easier to use compared to the ‘standard’ software such as Applied Ballistics, FFS software
  • Far more accurate calculations compared to the ‘standard’ apps, 4 DoF+
  • Truing your trajectory with your Point of Impact
  • Includes bullet library with more than 1.000 bullets but also allows adding your own bullet
  • IOS app for all iPhone and iPad versions
  • Free video’s and simple tutorials will be available on this website and youtube.

Unique options:

  • Customize the BC over the specific velocities across the trajectory by ‘banding the BC’
  • Create your own custom drag curve
  • A ‘Probabilty of Hit’ calculation (POH) which gives an indication of the shooter’s chance of hitting the target
  • Expert ballistics such as vertical deflection, coriolis-effect, stability, max. ordinate and more

Offers all standard options:

  • Angle shooting
  • Moving Targets
  • switchable units: meters, feet, meters, yards, feet per seconds etc. to allow easy use

This is THE software for the expert user who needs perfect click values and the shooter who needs fast solutions for the perfect shot.

It is very simple to get this software on your IOS device:

  1. Contact us for a promo code (whatsapp/email)
  2. Go to the iStore
  3. Go to your account (top right corner in the iStore)
  4. Enter Promo code (this is the code you received by email)
  5. Search the app store for: AFC Ballistics
  6. Download the AFC app (the app is FREE to use for 28 days)



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