Coldbore Danmark EXLRS weekend 2020

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Extended Long Range Shooting Danmark weekend 14&15 November 2020

Weekend tickets only! This ticket gives acces to the range, please book your own overnight stay.

Weekend shooting:
Saturday range open from 0830 to 1800 Extended to 2000 hrs
Sunday range open 0800 to 1400

EXLRS rents coldbore range, 4 different ranges available during the weekend, rotating groups of shooters will be arranged.

Available ranges:
Level 1 max 14 shooters max distance 3200 meters
Level 2 max 7 shooters max distance 2400 meters

Medium ranges:
Level 3 max 4 shooters max distance 1600 meters
Level 4 max 4 shooters max distance 1000 meters

Limites places available!!

Range 3200 m:


100m paper zeroing target

300m – 3200 m. Steel targets in 0.5-3 MOA in size

Tall Target Test, MagnetoSpeed and Swarovski Spotting Scope available to shooters.

Visual “Hit Indicators” from 600-3200 m

Kongsberg Electronic target system on range for 0.1 mm accuracy in drop.

Windmarkers at every target

Caliber: All except .50BMG

Range 1600 m or 1000 m:


100m paper zeroing target

300m – 1540 m. Drop targets or steel targets 1.0-4 MOA in size

MagnetoSpeed, Swaroski Spotting Scope available to shooters

Many different barricades available to shooters to practices from.

Windmarkers at every target

Caliber: Range 4(1000 m) and Range 3(1600 m) All calibers.

Range Ørbækvej(1000 m): Max .338LM

For all ranges:


All calibers allowed. Also .50BMG, but check specific range restrictions above.

Safety flags are mandatory. If you do not have one you can buy one for €10.

No incendiary or tracers

Silencers and muzzle brakes allowed.

Semiauto allowed

All hunting and sports bullets allowed


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