DVL-10-M2 “Urbana” .308WIN

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Light tactical sniper rifle DVL-10 М2 “Urbana”

DVL-10 М2 is a version of the DVL-10 rifle. This is a light tactical sniper rifle for many applications.

Portable and fairly lightweight, DVL-10 М2 may be a good urban or a police sniper rifle, but as well will fit the highest military or special forces demands – everywhere where good mobility and the highest LOBAEV accuracy are needed.

As a light and high-precision weapon, the M2 rifle can be used for sporting purposes.

For special tasks, the DVL-10 M2 is easily transformed into suppressed DVL-10.

This Lobaev’s rifle uses the COUNT bolt group. The new bolt group uses a smaller aluminium chassis and compound. This leads to better anti-vibration characteristics of the weapon.

The DVL-10 rifle has a SVL standard foldable stock.

The rifle has a heavy stainless steel barrel manufactured by LOBAEV Hummer Barrels. Only basic barrel contours are used.


Performance characteristics:

  • Precision – 0.4 MOA\12 mm distance between the centers (5-shot at 100 m)
  • Maximum range – 1000 m
  • Muzzle velocity – 860 m/s
  • Operating temperature range – -45\+65 C
  • Caliber – .308 Win\6.5-47 Lapua\6.5-284 Win (single-shot)
  • Length – 1054 (780 with folded stock) mm
  • Height – 226 mm
  • Width – 62 mm
  • Weight – 4 800 g
  • Barrel length – 600 mm
  • Trigger pull – 500-1500g
  • Bolt handle – right
  • Bolt action – right
  • Magazine – 10 rounds

Standard package:

  • Barrel contour – LV
  • Barrel length – 550mm
  • Caliber – .308Win
  • Bi-pod – none
  • Suppressor – none
  • Scope mount – STD Picatiny rail


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