Peterson 37xc brass 50pcs box 375CAL

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NOTE: The 37XC brass is headstamped “33XC”

Highest quality brass manufactured by Peterson to David’s exacting specs.

Be sure to check out the writeup on the 33XC cartridge.

The .37 XC has the same head and tube base diameter as a .338 Lapua magnum, but with less taper in the body. It has a steeper shoulder angle. It’s longer than a .338 LM and holds quite a bit more powder. It is even taller than a CT.

The concept of the .37 XC was developed by David Tubb, a long-time dominant force in the long-distance, competitive shooting community. He is also the designer of the 6 XC caliber. Tubb turned his attention to Extreme Long Range shooting, and the ELR community. He designed the .37 XC for shooters who have the gear to load and shoot .338 Lapua, who want to reach out farther. With a chamber reamer from Tubb a .338 Lapua Mag owner can have their gun rechambered for the .37 XC and turn it into an ELR gun.



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