Terminator TE Selftiming Brake with Nut

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The TE Terminator muzzle brake is KG Gunkoted Black & opened out as standard to take a maximum calibre of the .338 Lapua Magnum.
It is specifically manufactured to replace the factory Sako TRG, Blaser & Tikka tactical muzzle brakes.
Easy DIY fit, no gunsmithing required, using a locking nut to index it to the barrel.
TE with nut is 28mm, 1.1” diameter, 87mm, 3.4” long, 170 grams, 6 oz, M18x1 thread.
Ports are 90 degrees to the ground to reduce disturbance. The ports are angled back away from the shooter to minimise shooter discomfort and maximise performance.
The standard through hole is for .338 & requires opening up to 0.025-0.030″ over calibre size if fitted to larger calibres.
The TE performance falls between the T3 & T4 Terminator Muzzle Brakes.
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The TE is M18x1, DIY for Sako TRG, Tikka Tactical, Blaser Tactical, Steyr SSG etc, maximum muzzle diameter is 22.25mm. The TA, TE, TF, T3B & T4AI have a 9.3mm hole for .338 TE with nut, 28 diameter, 87 long, 170 grams.