Titanium rifle action Large Action Fuzion.

$ 2.660,79 price including tax (VAT)

lone peak arms rifle action, fuzion ti ra la magnum


Lone Peak Arms Rifle Action, Fuzion Ti RA LA Magnum

The Lone Peak Arms Fuzion Ti was built for those looking for an accurate and lightweight action that delivers a half pound weight reduction versus a similar stainless action. Built using 6AI-4V grade titanium, the Lone Peak Fuzion Titanium action is competitively priced and considered one of the finest Titanium actions available.

Available in long and short action Remington 700™ footprint configuration. Each action is cut from premium 6Al-4V titanium.

  • Receiver raceway cut with wire EDM to precise tolerances
  • AICS & Remington standard boxes compatible
  • Side bolt release
  • 1.350″ multi flat diameter(Remington 700 inlet compatible)
  • Long action weight including bolt assembly-25.5 oz
  • Short action weight including bolt assembly-23 oz
  • Right or Left hand configurations available
  • 1 1/16″x16 tpi barrel thread tenon

One piece fluted bolt constructed from pre-hardened 4340 chrome moly

  • Mini M-16 style extractor
  • Plunger ejector
  • Light weight firing pin assembly provides fastest locktime
  • Threaded bolt handle provides ability to interchange bolt knobs
  • Nitrided Bolt Surface Finish

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