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The Tactical Solutions XMount & Three Legged thing offers the sturdiest shooting position on the market.

3 Legged Thing’s Albert is the world’s most versatile travel tripod system, and when combined with the Tactical Shooting Solutions Xmount, it provides an unparalleled 360 degree tripod platform. Perfect for shooters of all disciplines.

With modular technology and adaptable configuration, Albert proves to be the perfect companion for a wide range of uses, and for photographers of all walks of life. Small enough to fit in your hand luggage, Albert is easy to carry anywhere. Light enough for long hikes, but heavy duty enough for almost any camera and lens configuration, Albert’s award winning modular design makes him the must-have tripod for all photographers.

Tactical Shooting Solutions Xmount available in BLACK or TAN.

Tactical Shooting Solutions Xmount

Currently it is in use with, UK Royal Marine Commandos, UK army Snipers, UK police marksmen. It is also being tested by Thailand special security forces, Jordan and SF units in Malaysia.

The Xmount is an all in one shooting mount that has been developed over many years by experienced snipers to secure both weapons and optics. It’s strong, light weight, multi use and can be used in any situation, making it essential in today’s tool kit for special operations snipers, marksmen and dedicated shooters and hunters.

The custom made Xmount is machined from a solid block of aluminium to precision standards in the United Kingdom. All parts are made from the highest quality materials and the mount also features a bubble level to eliminate cant when setting up a stable firing platform.

What’s included?
  • Eclipse Albert Carbon Fibre Tripod
  • AirHed 360 Precision Ball-head with 360-clamp
  • Arca Swiss compatible Release Plate
  • Microfibre Bag
  • Toolz – Multi Tool, hex key, coin key, key ring, carabiner and bottle opener
  • D-Ring
  • Military Grade Canvas Carry Bag and Ballast Sack
  • Carry strap
  • Patented Tri-Mount plate for easier use, with hollowed spurs for clip on devices
  • D-Ring & Toolz assembly in place of traditional spring hook
  • Detachable monopod
  • 1/4″ / 3/8″ Screw foot, with multiple accessory options
  • Precision engineered leg lock system for greater stability and rigidity
  • 30kg Load Capability
  • 100% Pure, 8 layer Carbon Fibre construction for greater durability
  • Tripod Weight: 1.85kg / 4.08lbs
  • Minimum Height: 130mm / 5″
  • Maximum Height: 1790mm / 70.5″
  • Folded Length: 410mm / 16″
  • Load Capacity: 30kg / 66lb
  • Leg Tubing Diameter: 26mm / 1″
  • Leg Sections: 5 sections – (26, 23, 20, 17 & 14mm)
  • Leg Angles: 23°, 55° & 80°
  • Column Sections: 3 sections – (26, 23 & 20mm)
  • Leg Locking System: ParaLock
AirHed 360 Specifications:
  • Ballhead Control Lock, Base Pan, Top Pan & Plate Release
  • Ballhead Height: 100mm / 3.94″
  • Base Width: 43mm / 1.69″
  • Ballhead Weight: 0.408kg . 0.9lbs
  • Load Capacity: 40kg / 88lbs


The Xmount® was designed and developed by a military Sniper with over 20 years of military experience in both training and combat environments to allow any type of weapon to be firmly secured in the device. After many years of getting by with poor shooting positions when the prone position could not be utilised, he decided to develop something that could help out in these situations


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