• Our SSD Custom solid Bullets
    For your optimal accuracy

    We are specialists in manufacturing perfect bullets for extreme long range shooting. We manufacture practically all common calibers using the best machinery in the industry. Check out our ammunition line too.

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  • Sniper rifles

    We deliver the most advanced rifles for extended long range shooting. When your rifle of choice isn't here, please contact us.

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  • Rifle & Spotting scopes

    The best gear for the shooter and the spotter in order to shoot (extended) Long Range

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  • Our Webshop

    We deliver all products you need for the perfect long range shot

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  • One mile club
    shooting trips

    Join one of the best extended long range shooting trips in Europe. Shooting locations in over 5 different EU coutries.

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  • Custom built rifles

    Check out our Custom built rifles or drop us a message if you are interested in building a dream rifle with your own specifications

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  • SSD Custom Ammunition

    No time for reloading? Let us make custom handloads for you! Hole-in-hole accuracy, at a bargain price

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Our secret

Consistency is the name of the game. You can imagine the accuracy and consistency of our bullets compared to others: it simply has no equal.

Even though other types of bullets also shoot extreme distances, the repeatability is just a joy to shoot. Want to know more about our secrets? Click the button below.

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Who we are

Based on more than 15 years of extended long range shooting, we have a solid base of field experience. Ever fired shots at targets standing at a distance of 2700 meters? We did this numerous times with our high tech equipment. Passion and hits at targets on extreme distances. This combined in a unique concepts, we are an official armsdealer in the Netherlands. Also we have developed and produced our own customized bullets, these bullets have been tested extensively and proved better than any other bullet.

Customer Review

  • If you are into Long Range Shooting, SSD is the company to go to. Whatever you need (custom tailored rifles, long range ammunition, accessories, trainings) they will get it for you or - if not readily available - they will have it made for you. Make sure to check out the specialized SSD bullets for extreme long range applications. I haven’t shot anything more precise even after they go subsonic.  Country: Germany 

    - Ralf D.
  • SSD built a one of a kind rifle, using top notch hardware, state of the art assembled. At least ½ MOA. Country: Belgium

    - Jim DR
  • Last year I bought an Accuracy AXMC at SSD, very satisfied,
very fast service. I also always buy my ammunition and reloading parts
with them.
Country: Netherlands

    - Thomas van V.

Why choose us?

  • Specialists in extremely accurate CnC turned bullets
  • We deliver all products for your perfect shot
  • Learn to fire effective cold bore hits
  • Meet up with international LR shooters
  • Buy once cry once, Harry and Pieter know
  • Experience based advice
  • High tech shooting gear for a good price
  • Up to date knowledge
  • Great LR networking possibilities
  • Extreme long range techtalk


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