Liberty's Defence

Solutions for Dynamic Environments
The inception of our suppressor straightJacket (Patent Pending) design came from the owner’s personal need for an absolute flame-resistant suppressor cover that would not fail during the performance of required duties and training as a SWAT Operator and Sniper. Each straightJacket is made to order for a perfect custom fit. Liberty’s Defense is a USMC Service Disabled Veteran and Law Enforcement Officer (former SWAT Operator/Sniper)Owned Small Business.

Handcrafted for the Most Austere Conditions
Our suppressor covers provide the greatest protective thermal barrier for weapons with high rates of fire typical with both semi-auto and full auto, including belt fed weapon systems. Suppressor mirage seen through magnified optics is eliminated when using a straightJacket (Patent Pending). The straightJacket is the superior solution for suppressed weapons. Our suppressor cover will never melt or catch on fire as every material included in it is flame resistant down to the stainless-steel thread that holds it together.

Suppressor Thermal Attenuation
The Liberty’s Defense straightJacket Thermal Attenuator (Patent Pending) utilizes four separate layers of absolute flame proof high temperature fabrics which provides direct and continuous contact with suppressor extreme operating temperatures up to 2,000°F and a flash short excursions rating of 3,000°F. The fabrics are stitched together with stainless-steel thread to ensure the integrity of the cover’s absolute heat resistance. The adjustable retention system consists of a marine grade stainless-steel cable which is coiled with constricting pressure across the full length of the suppressor and is overlapped on the barrel end of the suppressor. The cable is locked into a marine grade stainless steel snap shackle that is attached to a Mil-Spec Kevlar webbing and steel slide which allows tension adjustments. The simplicity of the cable and snap shackle design affords the shooter ease in the ability to install or remove the straightJacket in only a few seconds.

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