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These are the shooting events of the famous One Mile Club .

Shoot your rifle at (Extended) Long Range and Ultra Long Range.

  • Practice your skills at (Extended) Long Range and Ultra Long Range.
  • Train with Europe’s best shooters
  • Professional instructors/safety supervisors (civilian experts, former snipers/marksman).
  • Beginner friendly with FREE classes to get you on target
  • Make new shooting friends
  • Earn your EXLRS patch by hitting steel at 1-mile or even >2.000 meters
  • EXLRS and SSD have organized long range shooting events since 2009

Events are organized throughout Europe, the upcoming events are:

Cold Shoot: March & April ’23
Hot Shoot: August ’23

Our Instructors speak several languages:
Fabio: Dutch, English, Italian and some Spanish and German
Davey: Dutch, English, German and some Spanish
Coen (CJ): Dutch, English, German
Jethro: Dutch, English
Pieter: Dutch, English, some French and German
Harry: Dutch, English, German, some French
Fred: Dutch, English
Jens: Dutch, English

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