Rifletalk article: Rifle Barrel life

ssdsite /November 17, 2020

Rifle barrel life – How fast will your barrel reach retirement age? In this age of increasing retirement age, it seems we’re expecting our rifle barrels to follow suit! In the world of high-performance rifle cartridges, barrel life maybe a short season. This month we look into rifle barrel life with 3 top gunsmiths on Continue Reading

Proof Research Barrel blanks available in STORE!

ssdsite /May 11, 2020

CARBON FIBER, SINGLE POINT CUT rifled BARREL. https://www.solidsolutiondesigns.com/product-category/proof-research-desert-tech-barrels/ Advanced Carbon Fiber ACCURACY, DURABILITY, LONGEVITY. The aerospace-grade carbon fiber we use has a specific strength up to 30 times that of stainless steel and a specific stiffness up to 7 times greater than steel. But strength and stiffness are only part of the equation. Heat conductivity Continue Reading

33xc and 37xc hot items

ssdsite /April 18, 2020

33xc and 37xc barrels are hot items! solid solution designs full custom, high grade performance barrels. Drop-in or full build?? We work fast N good. Barrels spreading across the EU. 33XC Drop in Barrel for AXMC rifles RPA

Italy 2018 pics

ssdsite /December 5, 2018

Bella italia welcomed us for another beautiful shoot. Dynamic shooting from 300m – 900m in various shooting positions, extreme long range shooting beyond 2.200m! Life is good..