You are problably wondering what our secret is, what makes our bullets and rifles different then others?

  • Shape: The ogive (point) is perfect for supersonic flight, while the boat tail design will perform well in super- and transsonic flight: this allows the bulet to perform very well even in transsonic speeds and therefore extreme long ranges.
  • Calibre-weight ratio: We use a secret copper alloy to obtain optimum bullet weight in relation to the calibre of your rifle. This results in a perfect match between bullet weight and calibre of your rifle.
  • Tolarances: Our SSD-bullets are CNC-turned in order to obtain our 0,002mm (0,001″) tolerances(!!). This is much better than the Hollow Point-type bullets where you can see the imperfections with the naked eye.
  • Customized for your barrel-twists: Different than other manufacturers, we choose to design bullets for specific barre-twist rates. This allows you to use a bullet specifically designed for your barrel twist. The results are breathtaking and will amaze even experienced shooters.
  • Weight-sorted: SSD is the only bullet manufacturer in the world that weights the bullets before shipment in extremely tight weight-batches of up to 0.001 grams. The CnC/lathe tolerances weight sorted batching: the consistency is simply unequalled!

Consistency is the name of the game. You can imagine the accuracy and consistency of our bullets compared to others: it simply has no equal. Even though types of bullets also shoot extreme distances, the repeatability is just a joy to shoot thanks to all the specifications mentioned before.

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