Straightjacket Rail cover AR15 BLCK/TAN

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Handguard thermal protection


The superior handguard thermal mitigation solution.  Liberty’s Defense staightJacket Rail Cover is a perfect ensemble of five separate layers of Kevlar, basalt, and aluminized silica stitched with Kevlar thread.  The failsafe retention system of Kevlar webbing, marine grade stainless steel cable, and snap shackle ensure constricting pressure to your rail.



The straightJacket utilizes four separate layers of absolute flame proof high temperature fabrics which are stitched together with stainless-steel thread to ensure the integrity of the cover’s absolute heat resistance. The adjustable retention system consists of a marine grade stainless-steel cable which is coiled with constricting pressure across the full length of the suppressor and is overlapped on the barrel end of the suppressor for absolute retention. The cable is locked into a marine grade stainless steel snap shackle that is attached to Mil-Spec Kevlar webbing and a steel slide that allows tension adjustments. The simplicity of the cable and snap shackle design affords the shooter ease in the ability to install or remove the straightJacket in only a few seconds.

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Weight0.002 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 20 cm


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