.300 RUM with 230 gr Berger Target (18rnds testpack)

$ 97,52 price excluding tax (VAT)

alibre: .300 Remington Ultra Magnum
Twist required: 1:10 or faster
Number of rounds: 18
Accuracy: ½ MOA capable in at least 1 of the batches
Muzzlevelocity: 900 m/s in 28” barrel
Supersonic range: 1.600m
Designed for: Long Range Precision

This is how it works:
The SSD Test ammo package contains 18 rounds divided into 6 different batches. Each batch is different and will group differently. Shoot all batches and determine which batch shoots best in your individual rifle. Order that batch on our webshop!
Pricing: € 81,95 VAT incl. (per package)


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