.408 CT with 419 gr SSD Empire (18 rnds Testpack)

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Handloaded Custom ammunition made by the pro’s!

.408 CT with 419 gr SSD Empire
Kalibre: .408 CT
Twist required: 1:8 or faster
Number of rounds: 1 (minimum amount of order is 50 rounds)
Accuracy: ½ MOA capable in at least 1 of the batches
Muzzlevelocity: 870 m/s in 30” barrel
Supersonic range: 3.000m+
Designed for: Extreme Long Range Precision

What makes our custom ammo so special?

  • Hand-loaded by professionals
  • Weighed bullets
  • Weighed brass
  • Weighed powder load
  • Custom ammunition made for your rifle

This is how it works:

The SSD Test ammo package contains 18 rounds divided into 6 different batches. Each batch is different and will group differently. Shoot all batches and determine which batch shoots best in your individual rifle. Order that batch on our webshop


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