Cleaning kit Military style Cal DIV

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MILITARY CLEANING KIT FEATURES Field cleaning kit with cordura case with zipper, tear-resistant seams and front velcro. Black colour. Rotating cleaning rod on ball bearings, rigid and reliable!!

Field cleaning kits Powered bij ROME.

  • Kit contains:
  • Cleaning rod in accurately connectible parts, rolling on ball bearings!
  • Several brushes and jags
  • patches in 2 kinds
  • pull through T-handled cable
  • Brush
  • Oil/cleaning media


Use this code to specify the caliber for which you will use the cleaning kit.

• KIT_PULRO#100 CAL. .50 BMG
• KIT_PULRO#200 CAL. .30
• KIT_PULRO#300 CAL. .338
• KIT_PULRO#400 CAL. 6.5
• KIT_PULRO#500 CAL. .375 CT
• KIT_PULRO#600 CAL. .408 CT


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