DT SRS A1 Covert Rifle .338LM 18″ BLK/BLK or FDE/FDE 5RD RH

$ 9.942,57 price including tax (VAT)

THE SRS-A1 COVERT RIFLE WAS PURPOSE-DESIGNED FOR police and military snipers requiring ultimate concealability and maneuverability. Superb ergonomics combined with the core components of accuracy put the compact platform in sync with the frontline marksmen who wield it. At its essence, the
26-inch Covert is a long range tool capable of 1000-yard groupings while remaining nimble enough to convert to .338 Lapua Magnum punch for civilian and servicemen. It is the most compact sniper rifle on the planet./h5>
*Comes with Desert Tech .338 muzzle brake

** Prices including taxes, ex works Holland, not included are optics, mounts and other accesories


Caliber  See datasheet
Weight See datasheet
Full length See datasheet
Stock folded
Color Black or Desert
Twist See datasheet
Dimensions See datasheet
Min. Barrel life  5000 Rounds
Trigger weight
But plate height ajustment
Model Number

Also available in:

Caliber Barrel




Weight Barrel




.308 Win  16″(40.64 cm)  27″68.58 cm) 9.95 lb (4.51 kg)  1 in 8″  6 Rnds  Covert
.300 Win Mag  18″(45.74 cm)  29″73.66 cm) 10.20 lb (4.62 kg)  1 in 8″  5 Rnds  Covert
.338 Lapua Mag  18″(45.74 cm)  30″(77.47 cm)* 10.20 lb (4.62 kg)  1 in 9″  5 Rnds  Covert


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