What does my order status mean?

For Order Status inquiries, note that updates are automatically sent to your email. The statuses are:

Payment received‘ – your transfer has reached SSD and your order is being processed.
Awaiting part(s)‘ – SSD is awaiting for one or more parts before the order can be shipped to the shipping address.
Preparing parcel‘ – all parts have reached the SSD warehouse, the parts will be packaged and shipped asap.
Order shipped‘ – the order has left the SSD warehouse and has shipped. The track & trace code is sent automatically or will be sent in a separate email.
Refunded‘ – your order has been cancelled and your payment will be returned. The payment will be returned to the same account/credit card number it has been received from. International money transfers are typically received within 3-5 business days but can take up to 2-3 weeks.
Completed‘ – the order has been shipped.