Charlie Tarac (TACOMHQ)

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 Overview of the Charlie TARAC (Target Acquisition)

The Charlie is an optical accessory that adds up to 120+ MILs (or 400 MOA) to scopes without having to change rails, rings, cheek piece, or 100 yard zero via mirrors.  Shoot with full magnification.  MIL or MOA (true not shooter’s) is built to order.​

Keep Your 100 Yard Zero

The Charlie Tarac shifts an incoming target image with mirrors (like a periscope) to add a specific MIL or MOA value.  Instead of tilting the scope, requiring slanted rails, elevated scope rings, and changing your cheek position (a real pain in the neck), the Charlie shifts the target image optically (via mirrors) so you change nothing.  With the Charlie, set your rifle, rail, rings, and cheek position, to 100 yards, and add the Charlie only when you need to shoot extreme long range or for night operations.  “A 100 yard zero is a shooter’s lifeline.” Ken Decker, a former sniper with 3rd Ranger Battalion.

Shoot ELR with full magnification
The Charlie is a standalone device that works as an accessory to your optic to add MIL or MOA, and because the shift occurs within the unit and not the scope, you will be able to shoot ELR with full magnification.  Also, a MIL stays a MIL.  If your unit ever failed or broke, just take the Charlie off and still have the full functionality of your optic.



ApplicationSniper, special forces, ELR, and competition shooters
Ballistic Range100yd to +3,000yd
ShiftSee Conversion Chart
Material6061 aluminum
FinishHard anodized
ColorsMatte gray, black, or Army green
Weight12.0 oz (may vary according to add-ons)
Dimensions3.7″ x 3.5″ x 2.0″ (may vary according to add-ons)
MountsLaRue QR tactical mount
AdjustableUp to +120 MILs
Tactical Case1150 Pelican Case w/ foam


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